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  • "... the microphone surprise of the year 2012 did not come out of the microphone paradise Germany but from Sweden ... "

    - Pearl awarded "Editor's Choice" in Germany's Professional Audio Magazin 2012

  • "The result was pretty staggering, yielding a [drum] kit sound that had great focus and space....I think I have found a new favourite for drum overheads...!"

    —ELM –C in Resolution

  • "I grew to like the Pearl a lot ... It delivered great results on almost everything acoustic – piano, percussion, guitars and strings.!"

    — Pearl CC 22 in Sound-on-Sound

  • "... your mics are amazing! ... like no other mics on the planet"

    — Jimmy Katz, New York

  • "... Pearl microphones made the U87 sound gritty, veiled and dated"

    — Professional Audio Technology (Australia) / Greg Simmons

  • "The Pearl ELM-C is one of the most significant microphones in the San Francisco Symphony collection."

    — Jack Vad, Producer/Engineer San Francisco Symphony

  • "The DT 40 ... blew away every other mic we tried ... It `s hard to fathom why [DT 40s] are not everywhere."

    — Pearl DT 40 in TapeOp

  • "...Spitzenklang ... echter Allrounder ... herausragenden Tiefenwiedergabe"

    Professional Audio (Germany)

  • "The fact that I sold my custom tube mikes once I had heard the Pearl ELMs, says it all!"

    — Kavi Alexander, Producer/Engineer and founder of the Grammy Award winning record label Water Lily Acoustics

  • "...with all the various mics we use, I must say that the Pearl CC-22's are the most transparent, full-range and uncolored mics we use."

    - Tommy Joe Anderson, President, ACA Digital Recording, Inc. Atlanta, GA., USA



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Pearl has opened a repair centre in Åstorp.


We repair, service and restore all brands of microphones. We can't promise that we can fix every brand out there but we can certainly give it a try! Contact us if you have a faulty mic.

p-kapselDo you want to build your own microphone but you don't know where to find a suitable capsule?


Contact us! We are happy to support you with the legendary rectangular Pearl capsules.

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