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Pearl Microphones Product Announcement

Green Light for Pearl PRIORITY!

Pearl Microphones launches a completely new microphone - Pearl PRIORITY!

priority produktbild 300pxPearl PRIORITY is a large membrane condenser microphone with a fixed cardioid pick-up pattern. This all-new design is equipped with the brand new Pearl 2900 single membrane rectangular capsule. The capsule has an unusually large membrane for a single membrane capsule which contributes to the astonishing sonic capabilities of the Pearl PRIORITY.

The frequency response curve of the Pearl PRIORITY is just as flat as those of other Pearl microphone products. This makes Pearl PRIORITY a true all-round microphone which can be used for any voice, musical instrument or sound source. However, Pearl PRIORITY’s capsule has been deliberately tuned and the frequency curve exhibits a slight increase (2-3 dB) around 5kHz which corresponds to the “presence increase” often sought after, in particular for vocals. 

The Pearl PRIORITY is built into a stainless steel housing and features a green LED on the front side of the microphone which lights up when connected to phantom power. 

Pearl PRIORITY is an affordable, hand-made, premium product which is second to none in its segment. Easy to use and with the vibrant, transparent sound characteristics of all Pearl microphones, The Pearl PRIORITY will allow a wider audience to get access to the superior sound of Pearl! The rugged stainless steel housing will also make it a reliable and trusted companion for many years of usage. 

The Pearl PRIORITY will retail for around SEK 5’000 (EUR 595, USD 770) excluding taxes and subject to local market conditions. 

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